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The 608 Virtual Community Rec Center

Learning local, giving local

The 608 Virtual Community Rec Center is an online community space for people to share their passions, find common ground, learn new skills, and support local non-profit organizations and grassroots efforts.


Classes & Events

At The 608 Virtual Community Rec Center, we believe that a community that learns together is a community that grows together.

In exchange for taking one of our classes, please consider making a donation to one of the Organizations that we Support. Finding common ground and building community starts by sharing our passions and supporting each other! 

Note all children and family-friendly programming will be pre-recorded for you and your children to enjoy at your convenience. Adult programming may be pre-recorded or presented via a live Zoom class. Be sure to read the class offering for more details. 

Fitness and Wellness Classes

Girls Doing Push Ups

Physical Activities for the Body & Mind

DIY Project Classes


Arts, Crafts, and Education

Educational Classes


Join one of our community clubs to meet new people and explore common ground!


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The 608 Virtual Community Rec Center is your community center. Let us know if you have suggestions for organizations to support or activities to provide!

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Organization of the Month - Gilda's Club Madison WI

Gilda’s Club Madison is dedicated to ensuring that all people impacted by cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. We work toward that mission by providing free emotional support, cancer education, and hope to children and adults living with any kind of cancer, and those who care for them. So that no one faces cancer alone.

Consider supporting this wonderful organization today! Just add in the Comments section when making your donation.