Meet Our Instructors

Committed to Serving the Community


Anthony Nied

Anthony Nied founded Safe & Simple Organic Lawns in 2018 in pursuit of his mission to improve quality of life and happiness through organic lawn care. By keeping it simple and focusing on soil health, he developed an annual lawn care program that eliminates all need for pesticides! Healthy soil equals a healthy lawn. Safe & Simple Organic Lawns provides the best lawn care available in the Eau Claire area. It's safe, it's simple, and it works! In 2011, Anthony Nied took over the management of the lawn care division for a local garden center which had hundreds of conventional lawn care customers. Anthony graduated from CVTC with an associate degree in Horticulture, Landscape, Plant & Turf Management. With a newborn child at home and the knowledge about the hazards of chemical fertilizers and pesticides fresh in his mind, he knew he had to do something. Anthony relentlessly researched each organic lawn care product on the market, rigorously testing organic fertilizers and bio-based organic pesticides for effective weed and pest control. He then realized he was making things too complicated. Through his own trials and by researching numerous university studies, Anthony determined that cultural practices like aeration, mowing, and watering play a far bigger role in improving soil health than fertilizer alone. It was time to get back to basics.

Anthony and his wife live on Eau Claire's south side with their two boys and Border Collie Jojo. You will often find them enjoying the city's many wonderful parks and community events. His family puts his organic lawn to the ultimate test every year, and it still looks great! Supporting and improving the community is very dear to their hearts. Their passions include volunteering and sponsoring local organizations and events. They dream of one day opening an environmental learning facility for all ages, in the heart of nature, to provide skills and a connection to the earth that schools can't provide. If you're inspired, please reach out.


Brooklyn Mashaw

My experience and coaching style come from being an athlete my whole life. I have a competitive nature which helps me hold myself and others accountable in their journey. I am also very positive and will be your biggest cheerleader! It is important for me to create a safe space for students to challenge themselves physically and mentally, but more importantly be playful and have fun! My goal is that everyone has a smile on their face at the end of class. I have 4 years of experience teaching group classes, mostly high intensity focused. In the last year, I have been leading smaller, and one-on-one HIIT sessions online and in-person.

Qualifications: Fitness instructor (HIIT, Spin, Functional Training) Coach (Softball, Volleyball)

katie 2.jpg

Katie Richgels

I work for the U.S. Geological Survey as a wildlife biologist specializing in understanding and managing wildlife diseases. I earned my PhD in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Colorado Boulder, and am a UW Madison alum. I have taught courses on introductory biology, biology for non-scientists, parasitology, wildlife diseases, and others at the college level. I am also a mom of two wonderful little girls, an avid no-pesticide gardener, and outdoorswomen. This is my first foray into community education, and I am looking forward to connecting to and learning from our community.


Mary Day

Hello!  My name is Mary Day.  I am a math teacher and I am so excited to be part of the 608 community.   I would love to share my enthusiasm for math (yes, math is something someone can be passionate about) with students of all ages.  I believe there is so much value to be found toying around and thinking about math in our world.  When we wonder, question, experiment, and even when we make mistakes we can gain skills, knowledge, and confidence.  These skills can certainly help us understand math but they can also translate and permeate into other areas in our lives.  So hurray for math!  I look forward to exploring with you.  

Note: If there are any specific topics you'd like to investigate, please let me know by emailing The 608  and putting 'to Mary Day' in the subject line. Thank you! 

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Meghan O'Connell

I have taught a wide variety of fitness classes over the years, including teaching boxing at Canvas Club in Middleton, WI! My work in group fitness over the past ten years has taught me that in order for us to take care of each other, we must learn how to care of ourselves - mind, body, and spirit.

I am excited to share my passion for health and wellness with the 608 Community and am especially excited for the support that this community will show for local nonprofit organizations.  Join me for virtual yoga, boot camps, and HIIT classes! 


Shannon Hagedorn

Hi! I'm Shannon and I teach a fun, cardio fitness class called WERQ! :) I am excited to join The 608 and bring the party crew to the dance floor wherever you are!!