Code of Conduct & Liability Waiver

A community that learns together, grows together.

The 608 Virtual Community Rec Center is committed to promoting a sense of community to all people. Mutual respect, the desire to uplift all people in our community, and the willingness to learn and grow together are essential to that sense of community.

Any behavior, language, or actions that do not promote our most essential principles will result in the removal of membership, an inability to participate in site-sponsored activities, and/or the removal of supported organizations associated with the action.

While we understand that fostering new relationships often results in a learning curve as we get to know and better understand each other, we are committed to making sure that everyone who visits this site feels safe and welcome. Help us build the community that we all deserve. 

By registering for any of our classes, you acknowledge that you have read, completely understand, and accept and virtually sign the following Participant Consent and Liability Waiver. 
I (participant) voluntarily participate in the virtual class described below. I assume and recognize there are risks involved in participating in a virtual class. I hereby waive and release the instructor of liability for any accidental injury or illness which may occur as a result of participating in this class. I agree to voluntarily give up or waive any right that I may otherwise have to bring legal action against the instructor for personal injury or property damage. I understand that if medical attention is needed after participating in this class, I am responsible for payment of any services rendered.