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Our 608 Team has created content just for you and your family! Enjoy! If you are able to, please remember to visit the Organizations that We Support Page to make a suggested $1-10 donation for each video that you enjoy. Contact us if you have ideas for more content to add to this page and keep checking back for more additions!

Math Magic!

Impress your friends with this magic trick!

Impress your friends with this magic trick! All you need is a little math! Mary Day will teach you how it's done!

Multiply by Nines - Finger Tricks!

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Mary Day will teach you how to multiply by nines using just your fingers!

brain break 1.jpg

Brain Break!

Cross Lateral Movement

Sometimes our brains need a break! Watch this video to find ways to use your body to help your brain take a break!

brain break 1.jpg

Break Break!

Circle your arms and rest your brain!

Our brains do a lot for us every day! Sometimes they need a break! Move your body to rest your brain!

Brain Break!

Use your nose to help give your brain a rest!

Nose numbers!

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